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Send Rover on Over Doggie Daycare and Training Center is more then just a daycare. We are a learning center as well as a a fun, safe, positive, learning environment where your dog can play for the day while you are away. We have a great facility to serve your needs and the needs of your canine friend.

Ventura’s First Doggie Daycare and Training Center

Voted #1 Doggie Daycare VC Reporter 2013

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Providing Positive Dog Services for You and Your Canine Since 2003!!!
  1. Doggie Daycare

  2. Sleepovers (Cage Free Boarding with a Slumber Buddy Person)

  3. Positive Reinforcement Training

  4. Full Service Grooming

  5. Retail Shop Featuring Innova Food

  6. Products & Training Tools

Outstanding Services
  •  Positive Reinforcement Techniques
  •  Spacious Facility
  •  Small Dog/Big Dog Separation
  •  Experienced & Caring Staff
Val’s Gang
Hooter, Lolli and Rolo  
with Owner Valeri Stallings CPDT KA, Behavior Consultant, RN, CGC Evaluator, BS Student (Dog Psychology)

1255 Callens Road

Ventura, CA 93003

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Send Rover On Over

           Why Send Your Dog to Send Rover on Over:

Every Dog comes to our facility for a different reason. A good portion of our clients are teachers and understand the importance of socializing, stimulation and exercise for their dogs. Daycare enhances and facilitates socializing as well as teaches appropriate play styles and good behaviors from other well-mannered dogs and daycare staff that may not be learned at a dog park. We understand dogs, and know how they relate to one another on a healthy level. That is one of the reasons we have a very low bite ratio at Send Rover on Over.

Your dog will be tired when they get home. Whether they actively wrestle with their buddies or just hang out and observe all day. Observing is mentally stimulating as well.

Some dogs come because it’s gardener day, house cleaning day, home repair day or the house is for sale. That’s fine, we are a safe haven for your dog to come for those reasons too.

Rover dogs get naps. Did you know that some dogs sleep an average of 20 hours per day? Busy play and mental stimulation for long periods of time require rest and rejuvenation. We have found that a two hour nap in the middle of the day is welcomed by most dogs and leaves them refreshed for an afternoon of round two for play sessions. Naps also reduce irritability which can lead to altercations. Don’t worry if your dog is not crate trained. We can train them and/or they can take their nap in a large pen or sleepover area. Most dogs bring a nap time snack with them consisting of a bone or a stuffed kong or something to chew on. Crates are not punishment or solitary confinement. As a matter of fact, crate training has its benefits. Crate trained dogs are welcome at nice Hotel establishments. Also, your dog will be crated at the vet, groomers and experienced Daycares. Proper crate training makes these places more comfortable for your dog. Remember, crating is not punishment or solitary confinement, it should be a comfortable, padded, restful space like a playpen that promotes safety and rest.

We have experienced staff working with up to 50 dogs on a daily basis.

We supervise your dog in a big indoor outdoor facility. We have a 5,000ft daycare with one person to every 10 to 15 dogs plus ancillary staff.

Educated: Valeri is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer as well as being in her second year as a BS student studying Dog Psychology. She passes all her information along to her trusty daycare staff. She is also a retired Emergency Room RN of 27 years.

We accept friendly and social dogs and pre-screen them prior to admission.

(If your dog does not pass our temperament test, we may have plans and options to help you train and socialize your dog)

Low injury and bite occurrence:
Due to our stringent educational programs and regular staff meetings, we are able to avoid most of these types of unfortunate accidents and incidents that can possibly happen at a Doggie Daycare.

Incentive and education programs: Employees are encouraged to read, take classes, and participate in professional dog related organizations that help them function best in the daycare.

Longevity in Employment: Most of our staff have been with us at Send Rover on Over for up to five+ years!!!

Five Star Customer Service: Our job is keeping you and your dog happy. We offer friendly accommodating staff. There is rarely any reason we can’t say YES. “How can we help you?”

Ready for emergencies: We have one RN on staff and three American Red Cross Certified First Aid and CPR for Pets employees.

We have expanded: Come on over and see our newly built Training Room, Sleepover Room and Consultation offices. We have remodeled. The lobby is clean and spacious, inviting, with plants, fountains and safe for multiple dogs at once.

Clean: Cleaning is a big process at Send Rover on Over. At nap time, our busy cleaning shift sweeps, mops, and disinfects the entire daycare indoors and out with special cleaning products to keep your dog healthy and free from disease.

Full Service one stop Dog Business: We provide Daycare, Grooming, Sleepovers, Training, Behavioral Consultations, Extensive Puppy Programs for your Puppies first year, Healthy Food products and Training items in our Doggie Shoppe.

Employee Four Core Mission Statement:1) Happy Dogs Happy People, 2)Safety first (People and Dogs), 3)Cleanliness (Get it while it’s hot),4) Noise control and noise courtesy to neighbors and dogs participating.

We are Ventura’s Number #1 Doggie DayCare in Ventura County as voted by YOU, and awarded by

The VCReporter, 2013.

Thank you for Sending Rover on Over

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Where a dog can be a dog!!!